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General Papers

Implementation of the European Plant Conservation Strategy
Seona Anderson, Elizabeth Radford, Eija Marketta Kemppainen


In need of conservation - Taxus baccata L. in Himachal Pradesh
Dr. Prabha sharma, P. L. Uniyal
Advances in in-vitro conservation of potato germplasm in India
Jai Gopal
Action plan for Najas tenuissima and N. flexilis in Finland
Eija Marketta Kemppainen, Katariina Mäkelä, Jouni Issakainen, Marja Koistinen, Sirkka Hakalisto
Addressing Target Two of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation by Rapidly Identifying Puerto Rican Plants at Risk
Gary A Krupnick, James S Miller, Holly Porter-Morgan, Pedro Acevedo-Rodríguez
Carbon stock and fluxes of two selected forest sanctuaries
Janaka Kuruppuarachchi, Gamini Senevirathne, Buddhika D. Madurapperuma, Peter G. Oduor
The Experience of the Korea National Arboretum (KNA) in Implementing
YongHa Kim, Byungchun Lee, Chunghee Lee
Plant Conservation and Botanic Gardens in Estonia. Heiki Tamm, Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu.
Heiki Tamm
Achieving GSPC Target 1: the UKOTs on-line herbarium
Colin Peter Clubbe, Sara Barrios, Martin A Hamilton
Significance of ex situ and in situ conservation measures for the long-term success of a reintroduction project in Berlin
Nils Köster
MBG’s approaches to implementing the GSPC in Madagascar: Objective I - plant diversity well understood, documented and recognized.
Rondro Ramananjanahary, Fortunat Rakotoarivony, Sylvie Andriambololonera, Chris Birkinshaw, Porter Prescott Lowry II
MBG’s approaches to implementing the GSPC in Madagascar: Objective II - plant diversity urgently and effectively conserved
Fortunat Rakotoarivony, Chris Birkinshaw, Jeannie Raharimampionona, Armand Randrianasolo, Tantely Raminosoa, Porter Prescott Lowry II
MBG’s approaches to implementing the GSPC in Madagascar: Objective III - using plant diversity sustainably
Fortunat Rakotoarivony, Fidy Ratovoson, Tefy Andriamihajarivo, Tabita Randrianarivony, Chris Birkinshaw, Porter Prescott Lowry II
MBG’s approaches to implementing the GSPC in Madagascar: Objective IV - promoting education and awareness about plant diversity, and Objective V – building capacity for the conservation of plant diversity
Fortunat Rakotoarivony, Christian Camara, Lalao Andriamahefarivo, Hans Rajaonera, Nivo Rakotoarivelo, Chris Birkinshaw, Porter Prescott Lowry II
Regional Red List assessment for the evaluation and prioritisation of conservation actions of tree species in the tropical Andes
Natalia Tejedor-Garavito, Sandra Arango-Caro
Educating Students about Computing Applications in Plant Conservation
Anu A. Gokhale
Red Book of Endemic Plants of Ecuador, Second Edition
Susana León-Yánez, Carmen Ulloa Ulloa

Plenary Session 1: The GSPC 2010-2020

BGCI's Role in GSPC Implementation PDF
Sara Felicity Oldfield
The Global Partnership for Plant Conservation PDF
Peter S. Wyse Jackson

Plenary Session 2: Understanding and documenting plant diversity

Policy lessons from the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation PDF
Sophie Williams
From The Plant List to a World Flora on-line: some future perspectives PDF
Nicholas Turland
Towards a Global Tree Assessment PDF
Sara Felicity Oldfield
Towards the Implementation of GSPC Targets 1-3 in Hawaii PDF
Chipper Wichman
Achieving Target 2: Lessons learnt from assessing a megaflora PDF
Domitilla Claudia Raimondo, Lize von Staden, John Donaldson

Parallel - Workshop 1: The ‘World Flora’: possibilities and perspectives – a Stakeholder Consultation

From checklists to an eFlora for southern Africa: past experiences and future prospects for meeting Target 1 of the 2020 GSPC.
Neil R. Crouch, Gideon F. Smith, Estrela Figueiredo
From Working List to World Flora- building on GSPC implementation to date
Alan Paton

Symposium Building capacity for GSPC: implementation at national levels

The GSPC, a major stimulus for the Conservation of the Macaronesian Flora. PDF
David Bramwell
Assessment of Distribution and Conservation Status of Threatened Plant Species in Indochina PDF
Jacinto C Regalado Jr, Craig Hilton-Taylor, Sara Oldfield, Sam Lloyd, Ban Khac Ninh, Thai Huy Tran, Truong Hong Luu, Somchanh Bounphanmy, Lin Yok, Rachun Pooma
A network approach to plant conservation in New Zealand PDF
John William David Sawyer
Contributions of the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Madagascar Program toward achieving the GSPC 2011-2020 targets PDF
Porter Prescott Lowry, George E. Schatz, Sylvie Andriambololonera
The Brazilian GSPC experience and plans PDF
Gustavo Martinelli
GSPC and plant conservation efforts at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia PDF
Leng Guan GUAN Saw

Plenary Session 3: Conserving plant diversity

North American Orchid Conservation Center – a concept for a national focus on orchid conservation and restoration
Dennis Whigham, Barbara Faust, Holly Shimizu, Gary A Krupnick, Frank Clements, Melissa McCormick, W. John Kress
Fresh Air: How the Breathing Planet Programme breathes new life into the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, and the world PDF
Tim Entwisle
A synthesis of the science and practice of plant reintroduction
Matthew Albrecht, Joyce Maschinski
Ecological Restoration, the Restoration of Natural Capital, and the GSPC Targets 4, 5, 6, 10, and 14. PDF
James C. Aronson

Plenary Session 4: Conserving plant diversity

Kayri Havens, Pati Vitt
Target 8 of the GSPC: North American Progress PDF
Abby Hird
In Vitro Methods and the Challenge of Exceptional Species for Target 8 of the GSPC PDF
Valerie C. Pence
Monitoring progress towards Target 8 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation PDF
Suzanne Sharrock
Island endemics close to extinction: Conservation on the cutting edge PDF
Aline Finger
How has the 25 years of CPC experience indicated future priorities and possibilities for plant conservation? PDF
Kathryn Kennedy

Plenary Session 5: Conserving plant diversity

Title: Towards sustainable sourcing of wild plant-based products: the FairWild Standard PDF
Anastasiya Timoshyna
Considering biological and cultural diversity in the context of botanical conservation strategies PDF
Christopher Paul Dunn
What Are The Challenges In Achieving The Sustainable Use Of Plants Targets In Canada? PDF
David Allan Galbraith
International trade in endangered plant species – the GSPC context PDF
Michael Kiehn
Optimal management of a density-dependent invasive species PDF
Tiffany Knight
Conserving crop genetic diversity including crop wild relatives: progress over last decade PDF
Mohammad Ehsan Dulloo

Plenary Session 6: Building capacity for plant conservation

Andrea T Kramer, Kayri Havens
Building capacity for the achievement of the GSPC in the Caribbean region PDF
Colin Peter Clubbe
Building capacity to implement the Colombian Plant Conservation Strategy PDF
Alberto Gomez-Mejia
Implementing the GSPC in Mexico PDF
Hesiquio Benítez

Lunch Symposium “Meeting the GSPC Targets in Hawaii”

In-Situ and Ex-Situ Plant Conservation in Hawai‘i
Nellie C. Sugii
Contributions from Hawaiian Plant Conservation Efforts towards National GSPC Targets
Loyal A. Mehrhoff, Bruce G. Baldwin, Marie Bruegmann, Vickie L. Caraway, Margaret Clark, Christopher Dunn, Sam Gon, John Henshaw, James D. Jacobi, Trae Menard, Nellie Sugii, Warren L. Wagner, Chipper Wichman, Hau‘oli Wichman
Assessing Conservation Management Efforts Relative to Plant Community and Biodiversity Targets for the Hawaiian Islands
James D Jacobi, Samuel M Gon III, Samuel Aruch, Trae Menard, Loyal A Mehrhoff

GPPC Business Meeting

GPPC Business meeting PDF
Peter S. Wyse Jackson

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