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List of Participants

Substitute [at] with "@" and [dot] with "." to obtain the email address.

Last name First name Affiliation Email
Albrecht Matthew Center for Conservation and Sustainable Development, Missouri Botanical Garden matthew[dot]albrecht[at]mobot[dot]org
Andriamihajarivo Tefy Missouri Botanical Garden Madagascar Research and Conservation Program tefy[dot]andriamihajarivo[at]mobot-mg[dot]org
Arango-Caro Sandra Missouri Botanical Garden Sandra[dot]Arango[at]mobot[dot]org
Aronson James CNRS, France and Missouri Botanical Garden james[dot]aronson[at]cefe[dot]cnrs[dot]fr
Barudanovic Senka University of Sarajevo sebarudanovic[at]gmail[dot]com
Bassuner Burgund Missouri Botanical Garden burgund[dot]bassuner[at]mobot[dot]org
Benítez Hesiquio CONABIO hesiquio[dot]benitez[at]conabio[dot]gob[dot]mx
Bogler David Missouri Botanical Garden david[dot]bogler[at]mobot[dot]org
Bramwell David Jardin Botanico Viera y Clavijo, UNESCO CHAIR OF CONSERVATION OF PLANT DIVERSITY dbramwell[at]grancanaria[dot]com
Brown Belinda Dept of Sustainability, Water, Environment Population & Communities belinda[dot]brown[at]environment[dot]gov[dot]au
Clubbe Colin Royal Botanic Gardens Kew c[dot]clubbe[at]kew[dot]org
Croat Tom Missouri Botanical Garden tom[dot]croat[at]mobot[dot]org
Crouch Neil Ethnobotany Unit, South African National Biodiversity Institute / School of Chemistry, University of KwaZulu-Natal. n[dot]crouch[at]sanbi[dot]org[dot]za
Cruse-Sanders Jennifer Atlanta Botanical Garden jsanders[at]atlantabotanicalgarden[dot]org
d'Ávila de Moraes Miguel Brazilian National Centre for Plant Conservation - CNCFlora / Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden – JBRJ miguel[at]cncflora[dot]jbrj[dot]gov[dot]br
DeJong Dolf Royal Botanical Gardens (Canada) ddejong[at]rbg[dot]ca
Delmas Marie Therese Muséum National d'Histoire naturelle, Département des Jardins botaniques delmas[at]mnhn[dot]fr
Dema Sangay National Biodiversity Centre sdema06[at]gmail[dot]com
Dulloo Ehsan Bioversity International - Italy e[dot]dulloo[at]cgiar[dot]org
Dunn Christopher Lyon Arboretum, University of Hawaii cpdunn[at]hawaii[dot]edu
Entwisle Tim Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew t[dot]entwisle[at]kew[dot]org
Finger Aline ETH Zuerich aline[dot]finger[at]env[dot]ethz[dot]ch
Freeland Chris Missouri Botanical Garden chris[dot]freeland[at]mobot[dot]org
Galbraith David Royal Botanical Gardens (Canada) and GSPC National Focal Point dgalbraith[at]rbg[dot]ca
Gárcia Hernando Alexander von Humboldt Institute - Colombia hgarcia[at]humboldt[dot]org[dot]co
Gokhale Anu Illinois State University aagokhale[at]ilstu[dot]edu
Gomez-Mejia Alberto Colombian Botanic Gardens Network algomezmejia[at]gmail[dot]com
Havens Kayri Chicago Botanic Garden khavens[at]chicagobotanic[dot]org
He Si Missouri Botanical Garden si[dot]he[at]mobot[dot]org
Hird Abby BGCI-U.S. abby_hird[at]yahoo[dot]com
Hodge John Missouri Botanical Garden (Intern) CCSD jhhb65[at]mail[dot]umsl[dot]edu
Hӧft Robert CBD robert[dot]hoft[at]cbd[dot]int
Jacobi James U.S. Geological Survey, Pacific Island Ecosystems Research Center jjacobi[at]usgs[dot]gov
Jimenez Ivan Missouri Botanical Garden ivan[dot]jimenez[at]mobot[dot]org
Kemppainen Eija National GSPC focal point eija[dot]kemppainen[at]ymparisto[dot]fi
Kennedy Kathryn The Center for Plant Conservation kathryn[dot]kennedy[at]mobot[dot]org
Kiehn Michael Botanical Garden - Vienna michael[dot]kiehn[at]univie[dot]ac[dot]at
Kiehn Monika Botanical Garden - Vienna michael[dot]kiehn[at]univie[dot]ac[dot]at
Kim YongHa Korea National Arboretum kyh4170[at]forest[dot]go[dot]kr
Knight Tiffany Washington University - St. Louis tknight[at]biology2[dot]wustl[dot]edu
Konchar Katie Missouri Botanical Garden katie[dot]konchar[at]mobot[dot]org
Kӧster Nils Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem, Freie Universität Berlin n[dot]koester[at]bgbm[dot]org
Kramer Andrea Botanic Gardens Conservation International andrea[dot]kramer[at]bgci[dot]org
Krupnick Gary Department of Botany, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution krupnickg[at]si[dot]edu
Lee Byungchun Korea National Arboretum, Dept. Plant Resources Conservation lbbc1973[at]gmail[dot]com
Lee Chunghee Korea National Arboretum aganolee[at]forest[dot]go[dot]kr
Lowry Pete Africa and Madagascar Department, Missouri Botanical Garden Pete[dot]Lowry[at]mobot[dot]org
Madurapperuma Buddhika North Dakota State University Buddhika[dot]MadurapperumaAA[at]my[dot]ndsu[dot]edu
Magill Bob Missouri Botanical Garden bob[dot]magill[at]mobot[dot]org
Martinelli Gustavo Brazilian National Centre for Flora Conservation - Rio de Janeiro Botanic Gardens Research Institute gmartine[at]jbrj[dot]gov[dot]br
McCue Kimberlie Desert Botanical Garden kmccue[at]dbg[dot]org
McPherson Gordon Missouri Botanical Garden gordon[dot]mcpherson[at]mobot[dot]org
Merello Mary Missouri Botanical Garden mary[dot]merello[at]mobot[dot]org
Milder Gail Missouri Botanical Garden gail[dot]milder[at]mobot[dot]org
Miller Chuck Missouri Botanical Garden chuck[dot]miller[at]mobot[dot]org
Montiel Olga Martha Missouri Botanical Garden olgamartha[dot]montiel[at]mobot[dot]org
Mueller Gregory Chicago Botanic Garden gmueller[at]chicagobotanic[dot]org
Nickson Thomas Monsanto Company thomas[dot]nickson[at]monsanto[dot]com
Oldfield Sara Secretary General, Botanic Gardens Conservation International sara[dot]oldfield[at]bgci[dot]org
Paton Alan Herbarium, Library Art and Archives, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew a[dot]paton[at]kew[dot]org
Pence Valerie Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden - CREW valerie[dot]pence[at]cincinnatizoo[dot]org
Pisarczyk Ewa Department of Nature Protection -Poland ewa[dot]pisarczyk[at]gdos[dot]gov[dot]pl
Raimondo Domitilla South African National Focal Point, South African National Biodiversity Institute, IUCN Plant subcommittee. d[dot]raimondo[at]sanbi[dot]org[dot]za
Rakotoarivelo Nivo Missouri Botanical Garden, Madagascar Research and Conservation Program nivo[dot]rakotoarivelo[at]mobot-mg[dot]org
Rakotoarivony Fortunat Missouri Botanical Garden, Madagascar Research and Conservation Program fortunat[dot]rakotoarivony[at]mobot-mg[dot]org
Randrianarivony Tabita Missouri Botanical Garden, Madagascar Research and Conservation Program tabita[dot]randrianarivony[at]mobot-mg[dot]org
Randrianasolo Armand Missouri Botanical Garden, Madagascar Research and Conservation Program Armand[dot]Randrianasolo[at]mobot[dot]org
Raven Peter Missouri Botanical Garden peter[dot]raven[at]mobot[dot]org
Regalado Jack Missouri Botanical Garden - Vietnam jack[dot]regalado[at]mobot[dot]org
Richardson Mick Missouri Botanical Garden mick[dot]richardson[at]mobot[dot]org
Rodrigues Andrew Internation Union for the Conservation of Nature andrew[dot]rodrigues[at]iucn[dot]org
Salick Jan Missouri Botanical Garden jan[dot]salick[at]mobot[dot]org
Saw Leng Guan Forest Research Institute Malaysia sawlg[at]frim[dot]gov[dot]my
Sawyer John NZ Plant Conservation Network (and NZ Department of Conservation) jsawyer[at]doc[dot]govt[dot]nz
Schatz George Missouri Botanical Garden george[dot]schatz[at]mobot[dot]org
Sharma Prabha University of Delhi sharmaprabha3[at]gmail[dot]com
Sharrock Suzanne Botanic Gardens Conservation International suzanne[dot]sharrock[at]bgci[dot]org
Solomon Jim Missouri Botanical Garden jim[dot]solomon[at]mobot[dot]org
Strong Anna Missouri Botanical Garden anna[dot]strong[at]mobot[dot]org
Sugii Nellie Lyon Arboretum, University of Hawaii sugii[at]hawaii[dot]edu
Tamm Heiki Botanical Garden of the University of Tartu, Member of the BGCI tammh[at]ut[dot]ee
Timoshyna Anastasiya TRAFFIC International anastasiya[dot]timoshyna[at]wwf[dot]hu
Turland Nicholas Missouri Botanical Garden nicholas[dot]turland[at]mobot[dot]org
Ulate William Center for Biodiversity Informatics, Missouri Botanical Garden William[dot]Ulate[at]mobot[dot]org
Ulloa Carmen Missouri Botanical Garden carmen[dot]ulloa[at]mobot[dot]org
van der Werff Henk Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO henk[dot]vanderwerff[at]mobot[dot]org
Voss Sheila Missouri Botanical Garden sheila[dot]voss[at]mobot[dot]org
Wichman Chipper National Tropical Botanical Garden wichman[at]ntbg[dot]org
Wichman Hau`oli National Tropical Botanical Garden hwichman[at]ntbg[dot]org
Wilcox Beverly Missouri Botanical Garden beverly[dot]wilcox[at]mobot[dot]org
Williams Sophie Bangor University and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew S[dot]williams[at]kew[dot]org
Wyatt Andrew Missouri Botanical Garden Andrew[dot]Wyatt[at]mobot[dot]org
Wyse Jackson Peter Missouri Botanical Garden peter[dot]wysejackson[at]mobot[dot]org
Wyse Jackson Diane Missouri Botanical Garden Diane[dot]WyseJackson[at]mobot[dot]org
Yatskievych George Missouri Botanical Garden george[dot]yatskievych[at]mobot[dot]org
Zarucchi James Missouri Botanical Garden james[dot]zarucchi[at]mobot[dot]org


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