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Contributed Papers

Navikey - a Java-based Application for Multi-access Taxon Identification
Dagmar Triebel, Dieter Neubacher, Wolfgang Reichert, Gerhard Rambold
OpenUp! Creating a cross-domain pipeline
Walter G. Berendsohn, Anton Guentsch
BExIS - Biodiversity Exploratories Information System
Birgitta Koenig-Ries, Andreas Ostrowski, Eleonora Petzold, Jens Nieschulze
Image workflow for the digitisation of herbarium specimens
Elspeth M Haston, Robert Cubey, David J Harris, Martin Pullan
Switching to the fast track: rapid digitization of the world's largest herbarium
Henri Michiels
Comparison of performance in different data models for taxonomic databases
Joern Vorwald, Sebastian Rick
The US Virtual Herbarium Project: building a national digital collection resource from the ground up
Mary E Barkworth, Ben Legler, Zack Murrell
Whole-drawer imaging for virtual management and curation of the Australian National Insect Collection
Beth Louise Mantle, Nicole Fisher, John La Salle
Standardized Digital Imaging and Archiving Procedures - The New York Botanical Garden Herbarium
Michael Bevans
Data Quality Resources in Species Occurrence Digitization
Allan Koch Veiga, Etienne Americo Cartolano Junior, Antonio Mauro Saraiva
Update on the Central African Biodiversity Information Network (CABIN): A taste of Cyber-insects from Africa
Garin Cael, Charles Kahindo, Sévérin Tchibozo, Franck Theeten, Patricia Mergen
Enlisting the Use of Educated Volunteers at a Distance: Or, Why Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science Will NOT Create Nightmare Zombies That Will Destroy Us All
Andrea Thomer, Robert Guralnick
The Value and Challenge of Digitized Biological Media Specimens
Michael S Webster, Greg Budney, Edwin Scholes
Pl@ntNote v2 - a new generation of software for storage and exchange of heterogeneous botanical data
Benjamin LIENS, Samuel Dufour, Philippe BIRNBAUM, Pierre Bonnet, Daniel Barthelemy, Jean-François Molino
New Methods for Streamlining Digitization at the New York Botanical Garden
Melissa Tulig, Nicole Tarnowsky
Crowd sourcing record transcription to unlock historical species data from natural history collections
Andrew W Hill, Robert Guralnick, Mark W Westneat, Robert Prys-Jones, J Patrick Kociolek, Javier de la Torre
New developments in the Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS)
Stinger Guala
SYNTHESYS II: Updating the BioCASe Technology Suite
Joerg Holetschek, Johan Dunfalk, Anton Guentsch, Walter G. Berendsohn
GPS data collection methods for Paleoanthropology: Examples from the Dikika Research Project geodatabase.
Denne Reed, Shannon McPherron, William Andrew Barr, Zeresenay Alemseged, Rene Bobe, Denis Geraads, Jonathan Wynn
Virtual Herbaria
heimo rainer
The US Virtual Herbarium Project and iDigBio: Maximizing the benefits of digitizing herbaria
Mary E Barkworth, Zack Murrell, Austin Mast
ENVIROFI - Bringing Biodiversity to the Future Internet
Kathi Schleidt, Nina Laurenne
Crowd-sourcing: perpetual valuable resource or a passing shower of dubious worth?
Paul Kenneth Flemons
Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation (BISON)
Stinger Guala
EDDMapS: Aggregating and delivering distribution data to combat invasive species
Joseph LaForest, Charles T Bargeron, Rebekah Wallace, Karan Rawlins, David J Moorhead, G. Keith Douce
A continuously updated All Genera Index: an achievable goal for Biodiversity Informatics?
Tony Rees
Bugwood Images: 17 years of archiving and leveraging digital imagery
Joseph LaForest, Charles T. Bargeron, David Moorhead, G. Keith Douce
Image based Digitisation of Entomology Collections: Leveraging volunteers can significantly increase digitisation capacity.
Paul Kenneth Flemons
SANBI's in promoting biodiversity information standards in South Africa
Sediqa Khatieb
FishNet2 Deconstructed: An Overview of the Architecture and Features behind the FishNet2 Search Engine
Nelson Rios, Hank L. Bart, Djihbrihou Abibou, Patrick Bingham
Georeferencing Integration: The GEOLocate Project
Nelson Rios, Hank L. Bart, Djihbrihou Abibou
Darwin Core Engine
Aaron Steele, John Wieczorek
Taking TL-2 online: A Linked Data Resource
Martin Kalfatovic, Joel Richard
Digitizing North American Lichen and Bryophyte Specimens
Corinna Gries, Thomas H. Nash III, Edward Gilbert
Data publishing from the viewpoint of a biodiversity publisher
Lyubomir Penev
Common Names Services in OpenUp!
heimo rainer, wolfgang koller, eveline wandl-vogt
Collecting quantitative metadata by counting all specimens in a herbarium
Peter Desmet, Luc Brouillet
Calbug: A case study of digitization challenges for entomology collections
Joan Elizabeth Ball, Peter T. Oboyski, Joyce Gross, Gordon M. Nishida, Rosemary G. Gillespie
Species-level versus Specimen-level Digitisation. Alternative Approaches to Digitise a Large Natural History Collection.
Adrian Thomas Hine
From fisheries studies to biodiversity data sharing
julien barde
Supporting red list threat assessments with GeoCAT: Geospatial Conservation Assessment Tool
Javier de la Torre
Database Interoperability: The Global Invasive Species Information Network, providing the backbone for invasive species information sharing
Annie Simpson
Reflora - Historic Repatriation of Brazilian Flora
Kleto Michel Zan, Eduardo Dalcin
TaxPub: An extension to the NLM/NCBI Journal Archiving DTD
Terry Catapano
Title: Lifemapper: Utilizing Specimen Data for Biodiversity Analysis in a Web-Services Architecture.
Aimee Stewart
Reconciling Non-Overlapping Coverage Among Downloadable Plant Names
William Halliday Piel
The Catalogue of Life - building a taxonomic backbone for the world biota
Frank A. Bisby
Darwin-SW: Darwin Core data for the Semantic Web
Campbell Webb, Steve Baskauf
TraitNet Semantic Data Registry - Leveraging ontologies for smart data discovery
Farshid Ahrestani
Data integrity tools and metadata harmonisation in BHL-Europe
wolfgang koller, heimo rainer
ecoQuery: a Semantic extension to the ecoReleve platform
Julie Chabalier, Olivier Coullet, Amandine Sahl, Olivier Rovellotti
Evolution of the Darwin Core Archive and its use in the GBIF Network
Oliver Meyn, Tim Robertson
Islandora: a digital data repository for biodiversity resources
Mark Leggott, Thornton Staples


The Biofinity Project - Open Source Tools and the Data Lifecycle
Stephen Scott
Annotations: No longer just a slip of paper...
James Alexander Macklin, Greg Riccardi, Chris Freeland, Donald Hobern, Robert Morris
Building a Network of Genomic Observatories to Study the Role of Biodiversity in Local and Global Change
Neil Davies, Dawn Field
Digitization Portals and Information Interoperability
Greg Riccardi, Nico Cellinese
Global biodiversity informatics initiatives update
Cynthia Parr
Not as easy as ABCD: The ADBC challenges
Nico Cellinese, Greg Riccardi
Dimensions of Digitization Workflows and Collaborative Cataloging
James Henry Beach
Establishing a support infrastructure for Knowledge Organisation Systems (KOS) in biodiversity informatics
Eamonn O Tuama, Dag Terje Filip Endresen, David Remsen
Towards biodiversity data citation mechanism and services: Challenges and Potentials
Vishwas Chavan
Integrating Collections Data with Broader Geospatial Data Communities and Research
James Henry Beach

Lightning Talks

The Need for a Biological Images Archiving Site
Arthur Chapman
Determining best practices for digitizing entomological collections.
Katja Chantre Seltmann, Babi Hammond, Jane Greenberg, Andrew Deans
The final frontier of taxonomic standards- descriptive content
Matthew Yoder
Advances in Biodiversity Modeling: Development of Algorithms and Predictive Performance Analysis
Pedro Pizzigatti Correa, Fabricio Augusto Rodrigues, Elisangela Rodrigues, Ricardo Rocha, Antonio Mauro Saraiva
Apple Core: Darwin Core guidelines for herbaria
James Alexander Macklin, Peter Desmet, Patrick Sweeney
Providing Digital Access to NatureServe's Biodiversity Reference Database: Report on a Project in Early Stages of Design
Donna J Reynolds, Robert A Morris
Aaron Steele, John Wieczorek, Peter Desmet
Spatial Data Library
John Wieczorek, Aaron Steele, Dave Vieglais
Standards for a Superlative XML Schema
A. Gaylon Cook
PlutoF - cloud database and computing services for the biologist
Kessy Abarenkov, Urmas Kõljalg


IndExs - an Online Thesaurus for Standard Bibliographic Data on Exsiccatae in Botany and Mycology
Dagmar Triebel, Peter Scholz, Tanja Weibulat, Markus Weiss
VertNet: Distributed databases with backbone
David Bloom, Carol Spencer, Michelle Koo, Carla Cicero, John Wieczorek, Robert Guralnick, Town Peterson, Laura Russell, Dave Vieglais, Nelson Rios, Hank Bart
ezDBDB: an easy-to-use Distributed Biodiversity DataBase for the Semantic Web
Campbell Webb
Afrotropical bird content digitization at the RMCA: via LifeDesk to EOL
Stijn Cooleman, Patricia Mergen, Michel Louette
A new open source identification key generation webservice
Thomas Burguiere, Visotheary Ung, Florian Causse, Régine Vignes Lebbe
Xper2: new features for an improved flexibility
Visotheary Ung, Florian Causse, Thomas Burguière, Régine Vignes-Lebbe
The BioDiscovery Smartphone App
Helka Folch, Louise Allcock
Cybertaxonomic approach to revision of larger groups: 3i experience
Dmitry A. Dmitriev, Christopher H. Dietrich
HelpingScience: Online service for processing label data from digital herbarium specimen sheets
Michael A Giddens
Radiation of beetles into cyberspace - two case studies of modelling taxonomic information
Nina Laurenne, Jouni Tuominen, Eero Hyvönen
The BHL-Europe system architecture
wolfgang koller, andreas kohlbecker, lee namba, chris sleep
Answering specific needs by adapting existant GBIF tools
Michael Akbaraly, Anne-Sophie Archambeau, Éric Chenin, Delphine Gasc, Pere Roca Ristol, Régine Vignes-Lebbe, Tim Robertson
Observing observations - an ontology-based approach for improving the reliability of biodiversity data
Nina Laurenne, Jouni Tuominen, Katharina Schleidt, Eero Hyvönen
reBIND: Saving endangered data
Katja Luther, Agnes Kirchhoff, David Fichtmüller, Anton Guentsch
Digitarium's Digitisation Process Used for the Natural History Collection Specimens
Juha Lehtonen, Susanne Heiska, Mika Pajari, Riitta Tegelberg, Hannu Saarenmaa
GBIF France links with national programs : architecture and roadmap
Nicolas Lebas, Michael Akbaraly, Anne-Sophie Archambeau, Éric Chenin, Delphine Gasc, Pere Roca Ristol, Régine Vignes-Lebbe
Biological collection data capture processes
Elspeth M Haston, Robert Cubey, David J Harris
Implementation of a metadata catalogue system for the GBIF network
Tim Robertson, Eamonn O Tuama, Federico Mendez
Linking semantic phenotypes to character matrices and specimens
James P. Balhoff, Matthew J. Yoder, Andrew R. Deans
Integrating Biodiversity Heritage Literature into the EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy
Andreas Kohlbecker, Boris Jacob, Niels Hoffmann, Walter G. Berendsohn
Glanville fritillary butterfly survey: database and software infrastructure
Evgeniy Meyke, Sami Ojanen, Ilkka Hanski
The NEON Challenge: The Collection & Management of Continental-Scale Ecological Data and Biological Samples
Katherine M Thibault
Encyclopedia of Life Version 2: A Vision for a Global Collaborative Project
Katja Sabine Schulz, Jennifer Hammock, Cynthia Parr
Pollinator Information Network of the Americas: Vital Information for a Vital Ecological Service
Antonio Mauro Saraiva, Pedro Luiz Pizzigatti Correa, Laurie Davies Adams, Michael Ruggiero, Elisabeth Sellers
The Current Status and Management of the Korean National Biospecies Information System
Sangyong Kim, Dong-Gwang Jo, You-Mi Lee, Yong-Ha Kim
The Field Book Project: An Implementation of Natural Collections Descriptions (NCD) and Library Standards
Carolyn Sheffield, Rusty Russell

Computer Demos

Cooking Class: Boiling Down ABCD to DarwinCore Archives
Joerg Holetschek, Johan Dunfalk, Anton Guentsch, Walter G. Berendsohn
Georeferencing botanical data using text analysis tools
Clare A Llewellyn, Elspeth M Haston, Claire Grover
Xper2: new features for an improved flexibility
Visotheary Ung, Florian Causse, Thomas Burguière, Régine Vignes-Lebbe
SilverMeasure: Server-side tiling and HTML 5 annotations of high resolution specimen images
Michael A Giddens
Chapter One: I am at the Mercy of the Crowd, in Which I am Forced to Build a Crowdsourcing Web Application Using Ruby on Rails in 15 Minutes
Anthony P. Kirchgessner
The Royal Museum for Central Africa Cybertaxonomy portal and its subdomains: an interconnected helpdesk system and information management tool.
Garin Cael, James Davy, Boris Jacob, Patricia Mergen
The new BGBM Image Server: Management, Annotation and Publication
Dominik Roepert, Walter G. Berendsohn, Anton Guentsch
Encyclopedia of Life Version 2: Demo of New Tools & Features
Katja Sabine Schulz
BHL-E / Schema Mapping Tool
wolfgang koller
Biodiversity Data Digitizer - A tool for a richer biodiversity data content digitization
Antonio Mauro Saraiva, Allan Koch Veiga, Etienne Americo Cartolano Junior
Correcting and Standardizing Taxonomic Names with the Taxonomic Name Resolution Service
Naim Matasci, Bradley Boyd, Zhenyuan Lu, Nicole Hopkins, William H. Piel, Juan Antonio Raygoza Garay, Steven Gregory, Sonya Lowry, Sheldon J McKay, Martha L Narro, Edwin Skidmore, Brian J Enquist
Map of Life
John Wieczorek, Aaron Steele, Walter Jetz, Rob Guralnick, Andrew Hill, Gaurav Vaidya, Dan Rosauer
TapirDotNETXml - TAPIR compliant interface for XML data structure mapping
David Blaa, Birgitta Koenig-Ries, Andreas Ostrowski, Eleonora Petzold, Jens Nieschulze
Islandora: a digital data repository for biodiversity resources
Mark Leggott, Thornton Staples

Interest Group

Annotations Interest Group
Paul J Morris
Steps toward a standard of Minimum Information About a Phylogenetic Analysis (MIAPA)
Hilmar Lapp, Nico Cellinese, Jim Leebens-Mack, Enrico Pontelli, Arlin Stoltzfus
Sharing information on species interactions, phenology, identification, and checklists.
John Pickering, Gerry Cassis, Malcolm Storey
Interest Group Abstract: Biodiversity Genomics Interest (BGIG) Group
John Deck
(Future) Interest Group : Biodiversity Information for Cooperation and Development
Patricia Mergen, Garin Cael, Innocent Akampurira
Invasive Species Information Systems Interest and Task Group Meeting
Annie Simpson
Taxonomic Names and Concepts (TNC) Interest Group: annual open meeting.
Richard L. Pyle, Stanley D. Blum
SYMBIOTA: Building Specimen-based Networks for Biodiversity Research
Mary E Barkworth, Edward Gilbert, Corinna Gries, Thomas Nash
Islandora: a digital data repository for biodiversity resources
Mark Leggott, Thornton Staples

IG Task Group

The Audubon Core Multimedia Resources Metadata Vocabulary
Robert A Morris
RDF/OWL Best Practices Task Group
Joel Sachs, Steve Baskauf

Keynote presentation

Collections, Cooperation, Collaboration, Consequences
Judith Skog

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