Missouri Botanical Garden Open Conference Systems, TDWG 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE

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BioVeL - Approach and outcome of the Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory project
Matthias Obst

Building: Elmia Congress Centre, Jönköping
Room: Rum 10
Date: 2014-10-28 04:02 PM – 04:15 PM
Last modified: 2014-10-03


The Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory (BioVeL) is an FP7 funded e-infrastructure project where scientists and engineers collaborate to develop robust and flexible data processing services, which can be used in complex analytical workflows. The high degree of automation achieved though such workflows allows researchers to pursue cross-disciplinary and more holistic analytical approaches in biodiversity and ecosystem research. To achieve this goal, the development of the services and workflows is tightly coupled to a wide range of scientific use cases, especially from active biodiversity research in the fields of taxonomy and phylogenetics, ecological modeling, as well as ecological genomics.

In the past three years, the infrastructure deployed a number of user-specific service and analysis platforms, by customising myGrid software components (mygrid.org.uk). Examples are the BiodiversityCatalogue (www.biodiversitycatalogue.org), a biodiversity specific instance of myExperiment (http://biovel.myexperiment.org), an online workflow execution environment (https://portal.biovel.eu), and a workflow embedding software called TavernaPlayer. These deployments provide central components for the European ESFRI LifeWatch infrastructure for Biodiversity and Ecosystem research (lifewatch.eu), which is currently in its construction phase.

The talk will present the general approach for development of e-infrastructure components and describe important outcomes produced by the project, especially with regard to standards and applications. This will be followed up by a summary of user experiences and lessons learned. Finally, the talk will outline the future development and potential for evolution of the infrastructure.