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(Proposed) Interest Group on Data Quality
Antonio Mauro Saraiva, Arthur D. Chapman, Allan Koch Veiga

Last modified: 2014-10-14


At the TDWG Meeting in Florence, Italy, the Symposium on Data Quality raised a lot of interest and had many contributions. Those present were interested in a continued discussion on the topic and, during the meeting, it was decided that an IG on Data Quality would be proposed to the TDWG Executive Committee.

The goal of this Interest Group is to discuss, determine, formalize and standardize concepts, problems, policies, metadata, methodologies and mechanisms related to Biodiversity Data Quality, collaboratively and incrementally, and to promote associated best practices throughout the Biodiversity Informatics community.

Although several initiatives in the Biodiversity Informatics community have been striving to develop tools and best practices about Data Quality, we lack a common background and consensus related to concepts, metadata, policies, and methodologies that would increase the synergy in achieving solutions for improving the fitness-for-use of biodiversity data.

In this Interest Group we want to develop this common background and help standardize the way to deal with Data Quality in the Biodiversity Informatics community, avoiding duplication of efforts and sharing knowledge and solutions.

After the meeting an Interest Group on Data Quality was created within the GBIF nodes group using its community site tool for discussion http://community.gbif.org/pg/groups/21292/biodiversity-data-quality-interest-group/.

Both groups agreed to merge and prepare a proposal for an IG at TDWG, while adopting GBIF's community site tool as the communication means. During the TDWG Meeting 2014 an agenda for the coming months will be discussed.