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The Crop Ontology: Integrating the Participatory Variety Selection (PVS)
Léo Valette, Shiv Kumar Agrawal, Ramaiah Bhavanasi, Antonio Lopez-Montez, Sidibe Mamourou, Praveen Reddy Teegala, Trushar Shah, Gilles Trouche, Kirsten vom Brocke, Jean-François Rami, Eva Weltzien, Karthika Rajendran, Harold Durufle, Marie-Angélique Laporte, Luca Matteis, Elizabeth Arnaud
Biodiversity of Jumping plant-lice of Psyllidae family from Cameroon.
Joseph Lebel Tamesse, Mveyo Ndankeu Yves Patric, Dzokou Victor Joly, Yana Wenceslas, Eliane De Coninck
Abundance and habitat use by gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) in the Lobeke National Park (Cameroon) and Implications for conservation

S02. Symposium: Biodiversity Data Quality - issues, methods and tools

The Spatio-Taxonomic Data Quality API: Rationale, Development and Examples
Javier Otegui, Robert Guralnick, John Wieczorek, David Bloom, Laura Russell

S03. Standards for mobilising and integrating sample-based data

The GGBN Data Standard and its Darwin Core Archive implementation
Gabriele Droege, Katharine Barker, Paul Flemons, Tom Orrell, Jamie Whitacre
Complex Data Modeling for Simpler Data Access
Ramona Walls, Robert Guralnick

S04. Names-based Architecture for Linking Biodiversity Data

Fauna Europaea – future perspectives
Florian Tobias Wetzel, Yde de Jong, Falko Glöckler, Günther Korb, Anton Güntsch, Andreas Kohlbecker, Andreas Müller, Christoph Häuser, Gregor Hagedorn

S05. Access to digitisation tools and methods

What do you do when your Network Manager tells you there is no more space and they mean it?
Sharon Grant, Kate Webbink, Marc Lambruschi, Mike Yoshida

S09. Biodiversity data synthesis and discovery at a Tree of Life scale

Next-generation phenomics for the Tree of Life
Carmen Lorena Endara, Carrine E. Blank, John Gordon Burleigh, Andrea Cirranello, Hong Cui, Marymegan Daly, Gail Gasparich, Mariangeles Arce Hernandez, Jed Irvine, Lisa Moore, Thomas G. Dietterich, Jing Liu, Seth Kaufman, Michael Lam, Maureen O'Leary, Maria Passaroti, Javier Robalino, Nancy Simmons, Joan Slonczewski, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Robert W. Thacker, Edward Theriot, Sinisa Todorovic, Ramona Walls, Paul M. Velazco, Elvis H. Wu, Anna Yu

S11. Citizen science: a growing approach to biodiversity monitoring

Artportalen – citizen science data contributing to biodiversity research and conservation
Ulf Gärdenfors, Anna Maria Wremp
Swedish LifeWatch – a research infrastructure for biodiversity data
Oskar Kindvall, Anna Maria Wremp

W03. Software Solutions for Data Management

Diversity Workbench – Import Wizards
Markus Weiss, Anton Link, Wolfgang Reichert, Veronica Sanz, Gerhard Rambold, Dagmar Triebel
RightField - Spreadsheets with meaning
Niall Beard, Alan Robert Williams, Stuart David Owen, Carole Anne Goble
TRY – solutions for incentives driven data sharing
Jens Kattge, Gerhard Bönisch, Sandra Diaz, Sandra Lavorel, Paul Leadley, Colin Prentice, Christian Wirth
SEEK for Science
Niall Beard, Alan Robert Williams, Stuart David Owen, Carole Anne Goble

C01. Contributed Papers Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing

Citizen Science: an alternative for monitoring emergent diseases arising from biodiversity in Brazil
Marcia Chame, Rita Braune, Felipe Brasil, Lazaro Oliveira, Paulo Werdt, Jurandir Junior, Livia Abdalla, Eduardo Kremper, Marianna Cavalheiro, Maira Poltosi, Luciana Imbert

C04. Contributed Papers Emerging Platforms

BiNHum: powerful access to Natural History Collections
Christian Köhler, Peter Grobe, Maik Röder, Joachim Holstein, Jörg Lange, Anita Roth-Nebelsick, Christopher Traiser, Hubert Höfer, Florian Raub, Anton Güntsch, Gabriele Dröge, Patricia Kelbert, Dagmar Triebel, Anton Link, Markus Weiss, Dieter Neubacher, Tanja Weibulat

C05. Contributed Papers Technical Topics

Using the Biological Collections Ontology to Advance Biodiversity Science
Ramona L. Walls, John Deck, Robert Guralnick, John Wieczorek
Database tools for decision support in Kajiado County, Kenya
Victor Mose, David Western

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