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General Papers

The Bouchout Declaration for Open Biodiversity Knowledge Management
Donat Agosti
Need for Controlled Vocabularies on Intellectual Property Right statements ?
Patricia Mergen, Larissa Smirnova, Jiri Frank

Keynote Speakers

eBird: Monitoring Biodiversity Globally- Challenges, Lessons Learned, and the Contribution of Volunteers in Research and Conservation
Steve Kelling
Shades of Grey: Yet Another role for BIS-TDWG
Arturo H. Ariño
Searching for traits of resistance to crop diseases and pests in plant genetic resources
Dag Endresen


Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for the Biodiversity Heritage Library
Martin Kalfatovic, Carolyn Sheffield, William Ulate, Connie Rinaldo, Grace Costantino
LifeWatch INBO: building a terrestrial and freshwater observatory in Flanders, Belgium
Bart Aelterman, Kevin Azijn, Peter Desmet
Rendering value to over 350 years of natural history collections: e-ReColNat a digital platform for the environment and society
Julien Husson
DaRWIN (Data Research Warehouse Information Network)
Franck Theeten, Marielle Adam, Paul-André Duchesne, Yann Chambert, Cathy Emery, Philippe Vignaux, Son Du, didier Van den Spiegel
Linnaeus Next Generation for species information and identification
Wouter Addink, Maarten Schermer, Huub Veldhuijzen, Peter Schalk, Maarten van der Velde
Helpdesk and training facilities at the Royal Museum for Central Africa, now EU BON oriented.
Larissa Smirnova, Kim Jacobsen, Patricia Mergen, Franck Theeten, Hannu Saarenmaa
OBIS-USA Marine BioGeography Extensions in United States Government Science Context; Biodiversity Goals in Regulation, Monitoring, Response, Economic Activity, Education, and Research
Philip Goldstein
DigiWeb – quality driven workflow environment for digitisation of natural history specimens
Tero Mononen, Riitta Tegelberg, Mira Sääskilahti, Markku A. Huttunen, Marko Tähtinen, Hannu Saarenmaa
The DINA consortium
Markus Skyttner, Kevin Holston, Ida Li, Ingimar Erlingsson, Stefan Daume, Karin Karlsson, Fredrik Ronquist
Crowdsourcing going open source, an opportunity for sister websites
Marie-Elise Lecoq
The generic citizen science biodiversity data application ‘anymals + plants’
Falko Glöckler, Alexander Kroupa, Daniel Zitterbart, Thomas Uher, Marco Uher, Gregor Hagedorn
Predicting local species lists: an example and a challenge
Robert D. Stevenson, Rafer Dannenhauer
eBiodiversity – web portal for Estonian biodiversity data
Marko Peterson, Urmas Kõljalg, Kessy Abarenkov, Veljo Runnel, Allan Zirk
Crowdsourcing portal for transcription of label information for Norwegian natural history collections
Dag Endresen, Christian Svindseth, Einar Timdal, Eirik Rindal
The Crop Ontology: Integrating the Participatory Variety Selection (PVS)
Léo Valette, Shiv Kumar Agrawal, Ramaiah Bhavanasi, Antonio Lopez-Montez, Sidibe Mamourou, Praveen Reddy Teegala, Trushar Shah, Gilles Trouche, Kirsten vom Brocke, Jean-François Rami, Eva Weltzien, Karthika Rajendran, Harold Durufle, Marie-Angélique Laporte, Luca Matteis, Elizabeth Arnaud
Centralising thematic (freshwater) biodiversity data using the Darwin Core standard and GBIF’s Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT)
Aaike De Wever, Astrid Schmidt-Kloiber, Sylvain Renaudier, Michel Kapel, Robert Vogl, Koen Martens
Biodiversity documentation with global sharing standards
Sunil Thorat
Project Bio-API
Jeroen Snijders, Wouter Addink, Daphne Duin, Ayco Holleman, Wilfred Gerritsen, Ruud Alternburg, Maarten van der Velde
Mitigation of data positioning errors in the modelling of ecological opportunity for the occurrence of diseases in the Wildlife Health Information System – SISS-Geo
Marcia Chame, Livia Abdalla, Eduardo Krempser, Edmar Moretti
Biodiversity of Jumping plant-lice of Psyllidae family from Cameroon.
Joseph Lebel Tamesse, Mveyo Ndankeu Yves Patric, Dzokou Victor Joly, Yana Wenceslas, Eliane De Coninck
Citizen Science, biodiversity and data management – EU BON perspective
Veljo Runnel
Towards a learning process to improve a free access key in a citizen science program
Vincent Rolland, Aurélie Froger, Frédéric Lison, Florian Causse, Grégoire Lois, Mathieu de Flores, Visotheary Ung, Régine Vignes Lebbe
Preliminary notes on the bat fauna of the floodplain of the far north region of Cameroon.
Eric Moise Bakwo Fils, Jean Michel Takouo, Joseph LeDoux Diffo
Biodiversity and sustainable conservation of the fish fauna and fisheries of the Congolese waters of Lake Albert
Jargy Kambale Soheranda
Abundance and habitat use by gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) in the Lobeke National Park (Cameroon) and Implications for conservation
Collecting ideas: We are making an e-book
Soili Stenroos, Vanamo Salo, Hanna Koivula, Dmitry Schigel

Interest Group

Literature Interest Group
Martin Kalfatovic
Genomic Biodiversity Working Interest Group (GBWG) Meeting
John Deck
Interest and Task Group Convener Discussion with the Executive Committee
Cyndy Parr
Annotations Interest Group
Paul J Morris
Traits in RDF Task Group working session
Cyndy Parr, Anaïs Grand
(Proposed) Interest Group on Data Quality
Antonio Mauro Saraiva, Arthur D. Chapman, Allan Koch Veiga

S01. Symposium: Biodiversity Informatics workflows and services

Introduction to S01 Biodiversity Informatics workflows and services
James Alexander Macklin
BioVeL - Approach and outcome of the Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory project
Matthias Obst
Biodiversity needs Web Service registration system
Andreas Müller, Niall Beard, Carole Goble, Anton Güntsch, Alexandra Nenadic
Analytical Workflows for Large Data
Christian Authmann, Christian Beilschmidt, Johannes Drönner, Michael Mattig, Bernhard Seeger
Workflow Support for Continuous Data Quality Control in a FilteredPush Network
Bertram Ludaescher, James Hanken, David Lowery, James Macklin, Paul J Morris, Robert Morris, Tianhong Song
Scalable and Provenance-Enabled Scientific Workflows for Species Distribution Modeling
Luiz Gadelha, Guilherme Gall, Andrea Sanchez-Tapia, Marinez Ferreira de Siqueira, Jorge Velásquez, Daniel Lopez
Biodiversity Data Quality tailored for Scientific Workflows
Christian Gendreau, Allan Koch Veiga, David P. Shorthouse, Antonio Mauro Saraiva
Summary and Discussion
James A Macklin

S02. Symposium: Biodiversity Data Quality - issues, methods and tools

Data Quality Symposium: introduction and review of activities
Antonio Mauro Saraiva
Risk, Data Quality and Truth in Labelling
Arthur Chapman
Toward a Conceptual Framework for the Assessment and Management of the Fitness-for-Use of Biodiversity Data
Allan Koch Veiga, Antonio Mauro Saraiva
Darwin Core Archive (DwC-A) validation: A New Collaborative Effort
Christian Gendreau, David P. Shorthouse, Tim Robertson, Marie-Élise Lecoq
Workflows for improving taxonomic data quality:­ a showcase from the Swedish west coast
Matthias Obst
Occurrence data at the INBO: opening up our data publication workflow
Peter Desmet, Dimitri Brosens
Biodiversity Data Quality: A new approach from SiB Colombia
Nestor Beltran, Dairo Escobar, Camila Plata, Marcela Delgado, Leonardo Buitrago, Juan Bello
The Spatio-Taxonomic Data Quality API: Rationale, Development and Examples
Javier Otegui, Robert Guralnick, John Wieczorek, David Bloom, Laura Russell
Two approaches to finding botanical duplicate occurrences (and other relations among specimens) in the face of noisy data
Robert A Morris, James Hanken, David B. Lowery, Bertram Ludäscher, James A. Macklin, Chuck McCallum, Paul J. Morris, Tianhong Song
Antonio Mauro Saraiva

S03. Standards for mobilising and integrating sample-based data

Hannu Saarenmaa
Publishing sample data using the GBIF IPT
Éamonn Ó Tuama, Markus Döring, Kyle Braak, Tim Robertson, Olaf Bánki
OBIS-USA Marine BioGeography Extensions in United States Government Science Context; Biodiversity Goals in Regulation, Monitoring, Response, Economic Activity, Education, and Research
Philip Goldstein
The GGBN Data Standard and its Darwin Core Archive implementation
Gabriele Droege, Katharine Barker, Paul Flemons, Tom Orrell, Jamie Whitacre
Complex Data Modeling for Simpler Data Access
Ramona Walls, Robert Guralnick
Éamonn Ó Tuama

S04. Names-based Architecture for Linking Biodiversity Data

Towards a names-based component of the infrastructure for biodiversity sciences: status and next steps
David Patterson
Connecting the taxonomic community and the names infrastructure community
Christina Flann
Fauna Europaea – future perspectives
Florian Tobias Wetzel, Yde de Jong, Falko Glöckler, Günther Korb, Anton Güntsch, Andreas Kohlbecker, Andreas Müller, Christoph Häuser, Gregor Hagedorn
A curation interface for reconciliation of species names for India.
Thomas Vattakaven, R. Prabhakar
Taxonomic Tree Tool - a platform for classification analysis
Liqiang Ji
Identifying funding and collaboration opportunities to support the global names e-infrastructure
Dimitris Koureas, Vince Smith

S05. Access to digitisation tools and methods

Discovery and access to digitisation tools and methods
Elspeth M Haston, Robert Cubey
The Open Drawer Project - Providing free access to high resolution images of entomological collection drawers
Alexander Kroupa, Falko Glöckler, Bernhard Schurian, Felix Maier, Stefan Schmidt, Gregor Hagedorn, Christoph Häuser
StanDAP-Herb develops a standard process for extracting metadata from digitised herbarium specimens
Agnes Kirchhoff, Walter G. Berendsohn, Ulrich Bügel, Fernando Chaves, Cailin Guan, Markus Lindhorst, Dominik Röpert, Eduard Santamaria, Karl-Heinz Steinke, Hangyan Zheng
Moving beyond the box: automating the digitisation of insect collections
Pieter Holtzhausen, Stéfan van der Walt, Alice Heaton, Laurence Livermore, Vladimir Blagoderov, Ben Price, Lawrence Hudson, Vincent Smith
ZooSphere - Development of a software for automated spheric image capturing and interactive 3D visualization of biological collection objects
Martin Pluta, Falko Glöckler, Alexander Kroupa, Bernhard Schurian
Capturing Inventory level information about collections as a step in object to image to data workflows
Paul J Morris, James Hanken, David Lowery, Bertram Ludäscher, James A. Macklin, Robert A Morris, Tianhong Song, Patrick Sweeney
Data Discovery and Doer Happiness: Uses for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Output
Deborah Paul, Andrea Matsunaga, Miao Chen, Jason Best, Sylvia Orli, William Ulate, Reed Beaman
Enriching the legacy literature with OCR corrections and text-mined semantic metadata
Riza Batista-Navarro, Aminul Islam, William Ulate, Jennifer Hammock, Axel Soto, Sophia Ananiadou, Evangelos Milios
Managing Digitization Projects with Biospex
Greg Riccardi, Austin Mast, Elizabeth Ellwood, Robert Bruhn, Jeremy Spinks
Discussion: Access to Digitisation Tools and Methods (data)
Elspeth M Haston, Deborah Paul, Vincent Smith
Optical character recognition (OCR) in linking entomological labels with field notebook data
Tero Mononen, Riitta Tegelberg, Janne Karppinen, Mira Sääskilahti, Hannu Saarenmaa, Tommi Koskinen, Jyrki Muona
What do you do when your Network Manager tells you there is no more space and they mean it?
Sharon Grant, Kate Webbink, Marc Lambruschi, Mike Yoshida
ENVIRONMENTS-EOL: identification of Environment Ontology terms in text and the annotation of the Encyclopedia of Life
Evangelos Pafilis, Sune Frankild, Lucia Fanini, Sarah Faulwetter, Christina Pavloudi, Julia Schnetzer, Aikaterini Vasileiadou, Umer Ijaz, Christos Arvanitidis, Robert Stevenson, Lars Juhl Jensen
Case study of reuse of digitised content by creative industry in games: Europeana Creative
Jiri Frank
Discussion: Access to Digitisation Tools and Methods (linking and management)
Elspeth M Haston, Deborah Paul, Vincent Smith

S06. Distributed Open-Source Development of Collection Management Systems (DINA-Consortium)

Distributed open-source development in the DINA consortium
Fredrik Ronquist, Karin Karlsson
Standards-based management of specimen-derived DNA sequences
James A Macklin, Satpal Bilkhu, Nazir El-Kayssi, Chris T Lewis
Digital representations of the collection objects in the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin
Falko Glöckler, Jana Hoffmann, Gregor Hagedorn
Valorization over 350 years of natural history collections: e-ReColNat a digital platform for the environment and society
Julien Husson
NoSQL and Linked Data for collection and taxonomic data
Anaïs Grand, Mohamed Berkani
Markus Skyttner, Ingimar Erlingsson, Ida Li, Karin Karlsson, Stefan Daume, Fredrik Ronquist
Demonstration of a DINA compliant MediaServer
Karin Karlsson
Discussion for S06 DINA Consortium
Fredrik Ronquist

S07. ABCD 3: Which Way to Go?

BioCASe, ABCD and its extensions
Joerg Holetschek
A community platform for the development and documentation of the ABCD standard
Jana Hoffmann
Semantic MediaWiki as a potential tool for ABCD 3.0 development
David Fichtmüller
Using the Harvesting and Indexing Toolkit in Special Interest Networks
Patricia Kelbert, Gabriele Droege, Jörg Holetschek, Anton Güntsch
Joerg Holetschek, Gabriele Dröge

S08. Expanding the Usefulness of Literature in Sustaining Biodiversity

The Biodiversity Literature and Natural History Collections: The State of the BHL
Martin Kalfatovic
Improving discovery of biodiversity literature through integrated services
Carolyn Sheffield
Unlocking biodiversity knowledge through Text Mining and Crowdsourced Tagging of Legacy Literature
William Ulate
“Making Links in the BHL: primary source material as a window to a scientist’s methods”
Constance Rinaldo
Botanical Specimens, Field Notes, and Biodiversity Literature: Connections and Data Mining
Rusty Russell
Carolyn Sheffield

S09. Biodiversity data synthesis and discovery at a Tree of Life scale

Synthesizing phylogenetic and taxonomic data into a comprehensive tree of life
Karen Cranston
Arbor: Comparative Analysis Workflows for the Tree of Life
Luke J Harmon
Next-generation phenomics for the Tree of Life
Carmen Lorena Endara, Carrine E. Blank, John Gordon Burleigh, Andrea Cirranello, Hong Cui, Marymegan Daly, Gail Gasparich, Mariangeles Arce Hernandez, Jed Irvine, Lisa Moore, Thomas G. Dietterich, Jing Liu, Seth Kaufman, Michael Lam, Maureen O'Leary, Maria Passaroti, Javier Robalino, Nancy Simmons, Joan Slonczewski, Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Robert W. Thacker, Edward Theriot, Sinisa Todorovic, Ramona Walls, Paul M. Velazco, Elvis H. Wu, Anna Yu
TraitBank: Integrating Trait Data Across The Tree of Life
Katja Sabine Schulz, Jennifer Hammock, Cynthia Parr
Map of Life and Integrating Big Data in Ecology and Evolution
Rob Penn Guralnick
Linking Diverse Data in Studies of Plant Evolution: Case Studies in Progress
Pamela S. Soltis

S11. Citizen science: a growing approach to biodiversity monitoring

CyberTracker and Citizen Science
Louis Wilhelm Liebenberg, Justin Steventon
Butterfly monitoring in North America: impacts on science and opportunities for the future
Leslie Ries
A UK view on the breadth and depth of citizens reporting biodiversity observations
Michael Pocock
Citizen Science and the India Biodiversity Portal
Thomas Vattakaven
Artportalen – citizen science data contributing to biodiversity research and conservation
Ulf Gärdenfors, Anna Maria Wremp
Citizen Science and the Atlas of Living Australia
Paul Kenneth Flemons
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department uses iNaturalist to collect natural heritage data
Cullen Keaton Hanks
Making Dives That Count: ocean citizen science monitoring
Christy V Pattengill-Semmens a comprehensive, rigorous, web-based data management platform for citizen science
Nicole E. Kaplan
Swedish LifeWatch – a research infrastructure for biodiversity data
Oskar Kindvall, Anna Maria Wremp
Are biodiversity data gaps in urban areas a social justice issue?
Angelique Greer Hjarding
Tuning the Citizen Science “Instrument” for Gathering Biodiversity Data and Maintaining Data Quality
Robert D. Stevenson, Yurong He, HeeJun Kim, Todd E Suomela

IG/TG01. Biodiversity informatics curriculum/teaching

Biodiversity Informatics Curriculum Interest Group
Hanna Koivula

IG/TG02. Literature Interest Group

Literature Interest Group Meeting
Martin Kalfatovic

IG/TG03. Genomic Biodiversity Working Interest Group (GBWG) meeting

Genomic Biodiversity Working Interest Group Meeting
John Deck

IG/TG04. Interest and Task Group Convener Discussion with the Executive

Interest and Task Group Convener Discussion with the Executive
Cyndy Parr

IG/TG05. Annotations Interest Group

Annotations Interest Group
Paul J Morris

IG/TG06. Traits in RDF Task Group

Traits in RDF Task Group Meeting
Anaïs Grand, Cynthia Parr

IG/TG07. (Proposed) Interest Group on Data Quality

(Proposed) Interest Group on Data Quality
Antonio Mauro Saraiva, Arthur Chapman

W01. Audubon Core Implementations

An RDF representation of the TDWG Audubon Core data model for multimedia resource metadata
Robert A Morris
Audubon Core at iDigBio
Greg Riccardi, Shiva Krishna Imminni
Implementation of Audubon Core in ABCD with proposal of new terms for audio and video facts
Gabriele Droege, Peter Grobe
Gabriele Droege, Robert Morris

W02. Effective Biodiversity Data Management Training

Data Management (Training) Workshop
Roman Gerlach, Jitendra Gaikwad, Birgitta Koenig-Ries, Town Peterson
Data Carpentry: Filling a data literacy and computational literacy gap.
Deborah Paul
Publishing biodiversity data under a new training scheme from SiB Colombia
Nestor Beltran, Dairo Escobar, Camila Plata, Marcela Delgado, Leonardo Buitrago, Juan Bello
General Discussion for W02 Effective Biodiversity Data Management Training
Jitendra Gaikwad, Roman Gerlach

W03. Software Solutions for Data Management

Introduction to W03 Software Solutions for Data Management
Roman Gerlach
Biocode Field Information Management System
John Deck
Diversity Workbench – Import Wizards
Markus Weiss, Anton Link, Wolfgang Reichert, Veronica Sanz, Gerhard Rambold, Dagmar Triebel
StrainsBook pipepline based on the BioloMICS software
Vincent Robert
RightField - Spreadsheets with meaning
Niall Beard, Alan Robert Williams, Stuart David Owen, Carole Anne Goble
Handling Terminology Data within GFBio
David Fichtmueller, Maren Gleisberg, Naouel Karam, Robert Tolksdorf, Anton Güntsch
The Taxonomina application
Mohamed Berkani, Anaïs Grand, Annemarie Ohler, Alain Dubois
The BioCASe Monitor Service - A tool for monitoring progress and quality of data provision through distributed data networks
Jana Hoffmann, Falko Glöckler
The EDIT Platform for Cybertaxonomy
Andreas Müller, Andreas Kohlbecker, Katja Luther, Cherian Mathew, Alexander Oppermann, Patrick Plitzner
Edaphobase: a new online soil zoological data warehouse
Ulrich Burkhardt, David J. Russell, Hubert Höfer, Stephan Lesch, Sebastian Rick, Jörg Römbke, Willi E.R. Xylander
TRY – solutions for incentives driven data sharing
Jens Kattge, Gerhard Bönisch, Sandra Diaz, Sandra Lavorel, Paul Leadley, Colin Prentice, Christian Wirth
IPT Demo & Presentation
Kyle Braak
ETC: From description to matrix and beyond in a web-based toolbox
Thomas Rodenhausen, Hong Cui, Fengqiong Huang, Bertram Ludäscher, James Macklin, Bob Morris, Shizhuo Yu
SEEK for Science
Niall Beard, Alan Robert Williams, Stuart David Owen, Carole Anne Goble
BExIS 2 – a flexible data management platform for Biodiversity
Roman Gerlach, David Blaa, Javad Chamanara, Martin Hohmuth, Nafiseh Navabpour, Sven Thiel, Birgitta König-Ries
Roundup and Discussion of W03 Software Solutions for Data Management
Dagmar Triebel, Jitendra Gaikwad
Demo Session for W03 Software Solutions for Data Management
Roman Gerlach, Jitendra Gaikwad, Dagmar Triebel

W04. Darwin Core Tutorial and Workshop

Darwin Core: Overview and Future Directions
James Alexander Macklin
Typing in Darwin Core: Do we need dwc:basisOfRecord?
Markus Döring
Nomenclature in Darwin Core
Richard L. Pyle
Genomics and Metagenomics: What is the role of the Darwin Core?
Robert Robbins

W05. Building Biodiversity Informatics Standards and Capacity for Citizen Science

Building Biodiversity Informatics Standards and Capacity for Citizen Science
Robert D. Stevenson

W06. TDWG Newcomers Chat

TDWG Newcomers Chat
Cyndy Parr

LT. Lightning Talks

Article Semanticizer - stitching data mining services into a standalone search appliance
David Peter Shorthouse, Dmitry Mozzherin
There is No Place Like Home: Defining “Habitat” for Biodiversity and Conservation science - Can we develop a research agenda for Habitat Informatics ?
Robert D. Stevenson, Evangelos Pafilis, Carl Nordman, Lesley Sneddon

C01. Contributed Papers Citizen Science & Crowdsourcing

Building the historical biodiversity baseline: Emerging iDigBio resources for onsite and online public participation in the digitization of biodiversity research specimens
Libby Ellwood, Robert Bruhn, Jeremy Spinks, Greg Riccardi, Austin Mast
Citizen Science: an alternative for monitoring emergent diseases arising from biodiversity in Brazil
Marcia Chame, Rita Braune, Felipe Brasil, Lazaro Oliveira, Paulo Werdt, Jurandir Junior, Livia Abdalla, Eduardo Kremper, Marianna Cavalheiro, Maira Poltosi, Luciana Imbert
Emmanouela Panteri, Sarah Faulwetter, Christos Arvanitidis, Thanos Dailianis, George Chatzigeorgiou, Eva Chatzinikolaou, Evangelos Pafilis, Christina Pavloudi, Thomas Uher, Simon D Rycroft, Alexander Kroupa, Vincent Smith, Lyubomir Penev, Edward Baker, Jean-Pierre Feral, David Romain
Lessons learned - The generic citizen science biodiversity data application ‘anymals + plants’
Falko Glöckler, Daniel Zitterbart, Thomas Uher, Marco Uher, Alexander Kroupa, Gregor Hagedorn
Pl@ntNet, a citizen science platform dedicated to plant identification and botanical monitoring
Pierre Bonnet, Hervé Goëau, Alexis Joly, Vera Bakić, Souheil Selmi, Julien Champ, Jennifer Carré, Mathias Chouet, Aurélien Peronnet, Samuel Dufour-Kowalski, Antoine Affouard, Julien Barbe, Jean-François Molino, Nozha Boujemaa, Daniel Barthélémy
The 1 Million Treatment Goal: How to create access to taxonomic treatments
Donat Agosti, Terry Catapano, Guido Sautter

C02. Contributed Papers Trait & Ecology & Conservation Informatics

The development of a community agreed thesaurus of plant traits
Marie-Angélique Laporte, Ulrike Stahl, Stefan Klotz, Ingolf Kühn, Lutz Maicher, Eric Garnier, Isabelle Mougenot, Jens Kattge
Crop Ontology: A web tool for managing plant breeders’ traits
Luca Matteis, Marie-Angélique LAPORTE, Harold Duruflé, Léo Valette, Elizabeth Arnaud
Edible insects and food security in DR Congo
Papy Miankeba Nsevolo, Rudy Caparros Megido, Christophe Blecker, Sabine Danthine, Paul Aman, Eric Haubruge, Taofic Alabi, Frederic Francis
The Use of Plants Database to Identify New Botanical Inventory Zones in Madagascar.
Tantely Raminosoa
Using GBIF data to test niche vs. neutrality theories at a continental scale, and the value of data cleaning
Tomer Gueta, Avi Bar-Massada, Yohay Carmel
Biodiversity Quality Assessment
Alan Feest

C03. Contributed Papers Digitization & Capacity Building

Rapid Data Entry – supporting high-throughput digitisation workflows in EMu
Laurence Livermore, Alex Fell, Muhammad Nadat, Andrew Brown
The present state of the digitalization in Democratic Republic of Congo: Case of the Herbarium of Lwiro
Mwanga Mwanga Ithe, Wabika Dumbo, Patricia Mergen, Franck Theeten, Salvator Ntore, Steven Dessein
Capacity Building in Biodiversity Informatics in the Biodiversity-Rich Tropics
Prabhakar Rajagopal, D. Balasubramanian, Thomas Vattakaven, Sangay Dema
Mobilising Biodiversity Information in Support of Science and Policy in South African National Biodiversity Institute
Fatima Parker-Allie
“Bioinformatics-led Solutions For sustainable Natural Resources management in Rwanda (BS4NR)”
Prosper Karame
Publishing model and data papers: A synergy between a Latin American journal and SiB Colombia
Dairo Escobar, Daniel Amariles, María Fernanda Gómez, Danny Vélez, Néstor Beltrán, Camila Plata, Oscar Duque, Carlos Cubillos, Karen Soacha, Juan Bello

C04. Contributed Papers Emerging Platforms

Linking data, services and communities using Virtual Research Environments (VRE); The Scratchpads example
Dimitrios Koureas, Simon Rycroft, Vince Smith
BiNHum: powerful access to Natural History Collections
Christian Köhler, Peter Grobe, Maik Röder, Joachim Holstein, Jörg Lange, Anita Roth-Nebelsick, Christopher Traiser, Hubert Höfer, Florian Raub, Anton Güntsch, Gabriele Dröge, Patricia Kelbert, Dagmar Triebel, Anton Link, Markus Weiss, Dieter Neubacher, Tanja Weibulat
Biodiversity Information Serving Our Nation (BISON): The First 18 Months
Stinger Guala
A Biodiversity Platform for Weed Identification and Knowledge System in the Western Indian Ocean
Balasubramanian Dhandapani, Pierre Grard, Thomas Le Bourgeois, Ramesh Ranganna Brahmasamudra
SiB Colombia: Sharing and accessing biodiversity data
Dairo Escobar, Daniel Amariles, María Fernanda Gómez, Karen Soacha, Néstor Beltrán, Camila Plata, Marcela Delgado, Leonardo Buitrago, Valentina Grajales, Oscar Duque, María Fernanda Cubillos, Hugo Escobar, Carlos Cubillos, Juan Bello
Brazilian Information System in Wildlife Health - SISS-Geo
Eduardo Krempser, Douglas Adriano Augusto, Livia Abdalla, Marcia Chame

C05. Contributed Papers Technical Topics

Simplifying the mechanics toward building a Biodiversity Knowledge Graph
David Peter Shorthouse, Christian Gendreau
Mapping the Darwin Core with a national data exchange standard: feedback and issues
Julie Chataigner
Using the Biological Collections Ontology to Advance Biodiversity Science
Ramona L. Walls, John Deck, Robert Guralnick, John Wieczorek
Persistent identifiers for museum specimens in Norway
Dag Endresen, Christian Svindseth
Database tools for decision support in Kajiado County, Kenya
Victor Mose, David Western
ecoRelevé: Data made simple
Rovellotti Olivier, Julie Chabalier, Yves Hingrat

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