Missouri Botanical Garden Open Conference Systems, TDWG 2016 ANNUAL CONFERENCE

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Online Import of Occurrence Records into Manuscripts from Taxonomic Databases using Pensoft’s ARPHA* Writing Tool
Viktor Senderov, Teodor Georgiev, Lyubomir Penev

Building: CTEC
Room: Auditorium
Date: 2016-12-07 02:30 PM – 02:45 PM
Last modified: 2016-10-16


Pensoft's ARPHA Writing Tool (AWT) is a multi-purpose scholarly authoring platform. However, it places a particular value on streamlining the authoring of taxonomic manuscripts. Especially important for this process is the creation of material citations as taxonomic practice dictates that authors cite the occurrences on which their analysis is based (i.e., materials). It is possible to import specimen records from all the major biodiversity database portals, such as Global Biodiversity Information System (GBIF), Barcode of Life Data (BOLD) Systems, iDigBio, and PlutoF. Manually entering occurrence records into a taxonomic paper is error-prone and time-consuming. This is why we developed an API (Application Programming Interface)-based material import for Pensoft’s ARPHA Writing Tool and consequent submission, peer review and publication in the Biodiversity Data Journal.

In this workshop we will showcase how to do carry out this process and answer questions about the usage and tracking of occurrence identifiers. We invite the attendees of the workshop to visit the talk “Streamlining the Flow of Taxon Occurrence Data Between a Manuscript and Biological Databases,” where the rationale and motivation behind this workflow is discussed in detail.

*ARPHA = Authoring Reviewing Publishing Hosting Archiving