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The Millennium Seedbank Data Warehouse
Naomi Carvey

Last modified: 2016-11-14


The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership (MSBP) represents the largest and most ambitious ex situ plant conservation initiative in the world. Today, more than 20% of our plant species are faced with the threat of extinction. The MSBP is a worldwide partnership aiming to save plants most at risk and most useful for the future.

The Data Warehouse is the database of the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership.  The Data Warehouse consists of an offline BRAHMS database that houses collections data from across the MSBP, and an online view of this data available to MSBP partners utilising BRAHMS Online software installed on a dedicated Kew server (http://brahmsonline.kew.org/msbp/).

The Data Warehouse offers a tool for MSBP partners to plan and execute effective seed collection programmes.  It shows germination test steps and results, X-ray test results, identifies gaps in collections coverage, and offers various useful data for planning seed collection and research projects.  Collections are mapped via a Google maps interface, with selected mapping tools available.  Data can be downloaded directly from the Data Warehouse, according to parameters selected by the user.

There are currently more than 116,000 seed collection records in the database (99,000 available online), representing collections from 193 countries. Results of the 162,000 germination tests associated with these collections are also available.  New collections data are added on a monthly basis.

MSBP Seed Conservation Standards for seed collections are monitored using a custom built tool in the underlying BRAHMS database, developed in conjunction with the BRAHMS team at Oxford University.  This tool can summarise seed collections data quality by country, donor organisation or by family.

The Data Warehouse is the only place where seed collection and test information on all the collections found in seed banks worldwide across the MSBP is brought together.  Access is available for all registered MSBP partners.