Missouri Botanical Garden Open Conference Systems, TDWG 2016 ANNUAL CONFERENCE

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Citizen Science in Biodiversity Research: Defining infrastructure needs and standards to increase global monitoring
Robert D Stevenson, Etienne A Cartolano

Building: Computer Science
Room: Computer Science 3
Date: 2016-12-06 04:00 PM – 05:30 PM
Last modified: 2016-10-16


Although most citizen science monitoring projects are less than 50 years old, they are already making major contributions to biodiversity monitoring on a globally scale.  Some programs are very successful in sharing their data while are number are not yet using the infrastructure developed by TDWG and GBIF. This workshop will address two fundamental questions; 1) What are the barriers for citizen science projects to share their data with GBIF? and 2) What new standards such as common names, survey methods, data quality metrics, etc. will enhance the flow and quality of biodiversity data for citizen science programs? Short presentations will be organized from among the conference attendees and smaller working groups formed. From these activities we will update the citizen science interest group charter at TDWG, make plans for presentations at citizen science meetings around the globe, and develop working groups to work on white papers that address the special needs of citizen science biodiversity research.