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Symposium 00: A Roadmap for Standards-based Data Integration in Biodiversity Science

A Standards Architecture for Integrating Information in Biodiversity Science
Donald Hobern, Andrea Hahn

Symposium 01A: Semantics for Biodiversity Science: Challenges & Solutions

Towards the next-generation ABCD
Anton Güntsch, David Fichtmüller, Mareike Petersen, Jana Hoffmann, Jörg Holetschek, Gabi Droege

Symposium 01D: Semantics for Biodiversity Science: Integration & Ecology

Standardising and integrating metadata associated with remote underwater video recordings
Willem Coetzer, Anthony Bernard, Elodie Heyns

Symposium 04: Using Data Visualisation for Sustainable Biodiversity: Knowledge and Insights from Heterogeneous Data

Results of IndexMed GRAIL Days 2016: How to use standards to build GRAphs and mIne data for environmentaL research
Romain David, Jean-Pierre Féral, Anne-Sophie Archambeau, David Auber, Nicolas Bailly, Cyrille Blanpain, Vincent Breton, Alrick Dias, Anna Cohen-Nabeiro, Aurélie Delavaud, Sophie Gachet, Robin Goffaux, Karina Gibert, Manuel Herrera, Dino Ienco, Romain Julliard, Julien Lecubin, Yannick Legre, Grégoire Loïs, Victor Méndez Muñoz, Jean-Charles Meunier, Isabelle Mougenot, Sophie Pamerlon, Geneviève Romier, Alison Specht, Christian Surace, Thierry Tatoni

Symposium 05: Big Data Analysis Methods and Techniques as Applied to Biocollections

GUODA: A Unified Platform for Large-Scale Computational Research on Open-Access Biodiversity Data
Matthew Collins, Alexander Thompson, Jorrit Poelen, Jennifer Hammock
Fresh Data: what's new and what's interesting?
Jennifer Hammock, Jorrit Poelen

Symposium 06A: Biodiversity Data Quality – issues, methods and tools

Data Quality Workflows using Akka
John Richard Wieczorek, James Hanken, David Lowery, Bertram Ludäscher, James Macklin, Timothy McPhillips, Paul J Morris, Robert A Morris, Laura A Russell, Qian Zhang

Contributed 04: Catalogs, Checklists, & Collections

The BioCASe Monitor Service 2 – New Features for Monitoring Progress and Quality of Data Provision through Distributed Data Networks
Thomas Pfuhl, Falko Glöckler, Jana Hoffmann


German Federation for Biological Data (GFBio)
Michaeal Diepenbroek, Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Frank Oliver Glöckner, Anton Güntsch, Robert Huber, Birgitta König-Ries, Jens Nieschulze, Bernhard Seeger, Dagmar Triebel, Christian Wirth
Global Biotic Interactions: a case study in ecological data aggregation
Jorrit Poelen, Katja Sabine Schulz, Jennifer Hammock
Linking external SQL databases and the Semantic Web: A Pipeline for dynamic web publication with stable URI identifiers for database structural information and content schemes
Dagmar Triebel, Anton Link, Gregor Hagedorn, Andreas Plank, Markus Weiss, David Fichtmueller, Tanja Weibulat, Gerhard Rambold
A collaborative online biological sample database that serves as a high quality data provider for global information systems.
Marika Ichiyanagi, Tohru Iseto, Takako Sato, Nobuyuki Saito, Masatomo Hisazumi, Takashi Hosono, Tomoki Sasaki, Hideaki Saito, Yasunori Hanafusa
Sampling Event Data – where do they fit in? (or "Everything you always wanted to know about sampling event data, but were afraid to ask")
Kyle Braak, Andrea Hahn

Lightning Talks

Toward a new data standard for combined marine biological and environmental datasets - expanding OBIS beyond species occurrences.
Pieter Provoost, Daphnis De Pooter, Ward Appeltans, Sky Bristol, Philip Goldstein, Gwenaëlle Moncoiffé, Leen Vandepitte, Francisco Hernandez

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