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Symposium 00: A Roadmap for Standards-based Data Integration in Biodiversity Science

Biodiversity Data Integration from an Aggregator’s Perspective
Tim Robertson

Symposium 01A: Semantics for Biodiversity Science: Challenges & Solutions

Bottom-up Phenotype Ontology Building from Character Descriptions
Hong Cui, James Macklin, Joel Sachs, Thomas Rodenhausen, Steven Chong, Dongfang Xu

Symposium 01C: Semantics for Biodiversity Science: Taxon names & Traits

Creature Features: A semantic toolkit for biodiversity trait data
Rob Penn Guralnick, Ramona Walls, John Wieczorek, John Deck, Paula Zermoglio, David Bloom, Laura Russell, Raphael LaFrance

Symposium 02: BHL: 10 Years of Innovation and Growth

BHL: Grants and Growth
Constance Rinaldo
BHL-SciELO Network
Abel Packer, Henrique Rodrigues, Denise Peres
Questions: BHL - 10 years of innovation & growth
Constance Rinaldo

Symposium 03: Interoperability and Data Provenance for Online Crowdsourcing of Biodiversity Specimens

Biospex—A Basecamp for Launching, Advertising, and Managing Biodiversity Specimen Digitization Expeditions
Austin R. Mast, Elizabeth R. Ellwood, Robert Bruhn, Greg Riccardi
SERNEC collaborative georeferencing; leveraging the interoperability between GEOLocate and Symbiota for a large scale digitization project.
M W Denslow, H Brown, E Gilbert, N Rios, Z E Murrell

Symposium 04: Using Data Visualisation for Sustainable Biodiversity: Knowledge and Insights from Heterogeneous Data

Results of IndexMed GRAIL Days 2016: How to use standards to build GRAphs and mIne data for environmentaL research
Romain David, Jean-Pierre Féral, Anne-Sophie Archambeau, David Auber, Nicolas Bailly, Cyrille Blanpain, Vincent Breton, Alrick Dias, Anna Cohen-Nabeiro, Aurélie Delavaud, Sophie Gachet, Robin Goffaux, Karina Gibert, Manuel Herrera, Dino Ienco, Romain Julliard, Julien Lecubin, Yannick Legre, Grégoire Loïs, Victor Méndez Muñoz, Jean-Charles Meunier, Isabelle Mougenot, Sophie Pamerlon, Geneviève Romier, Alison Specht, Christian Surace, Thierry Tatoni

Symposium 06A: Biodiversity Data Quality – issues, methods and tools

Data Quality Workflows using Akka
John Richard Wieczorek, James Hanken, David Lowery, Bertram Ludäscher, James Macklin, Timothy McPhillips, Paul J Morris, Robert A Morris, Laura A Russell, Qian Zhang

Symposium 10: Citizen Science for Biodiversity Research

Citizen science and expert community interactions using Wikwio, a weed knowledge portal, focused on southern Africa
Balasubramanian Dhandapani, Thomas le Bourgeois, Pierre Grard, Pascal Marnotte, Azaad Guangoo, Alain Paul Andrianaivo, Jean Augustin Randriamampianina, Yahaya Ibrahim, Prabhakar R, Thomas Vattakkaven, Sathish M, Karthik Yeruva
Bridging discrepancies across North American butterfly naming authorities: supporting citizen science data integration
Dana Campbell, Anne E Thessen, Leslie Ries

Symposium 12: Globally Unique Identifiers for Names

The Catalogue of Life Editor's View on Globally Unique Identifiers for Names
Yuri Roskov

Workshop 06A: Darwin Core: Tutorials, best practices, current issues, future directions

Darwin Core Documentation: More (would be) Better
Paula F. Zermoglio, David Bloom, John R. Wieczorek, Robert P. Guralnick, Raphael LaFrance, Laura Russell
Darwin Core: Tutorials; best practices; current issues; future directions
Joel Sachs, John Wieczorek, James Macklin, Tim Robertson, Steve Baskauf

Contributed 01: Past and Future

COPIS: A Computer Operated Photogrammetric Imaging System
Nelson Rios, Henry L Bart

Contributed 02: Inventories

Applying TDWG Standards to assess the Ecosystem Value of UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserves in Africa.
Patricia Mergen, Hans Beeckman, Claire Delvaux, Doriane Desclee, Baudouin Michel, Quentin Groom, Steven Janssens, Henry Engledow, Piet Stoffelen, Filp Vandelook, Jérôme Degreef, André De Kesel, Hidvég Franck, Christine Cocquyt, Steven Dessein, Trefon Théodore, Smirnova Larissa, Cédric Vermeulen, Pascal Boeckx, Hans Verbeeck, Noéline Raondry Rakotoarisoa
A participatory module to curate species lists for generating a dynamically updating taxonomic backbone for the India Biodiversity Portal
Thomas Vattakaven, Sandeep Tandekar, Rahul Kumar Sinha, Sathish M, Prabhakar Rajagopal

Contributed 03: Plinean Core, Taxon Traits

An open participatory species traits infrastructure to organize and discover species information.
Prabhakar Rajagopal, Thomas Vattakaven, Pierre Grad, Thomas Le Bourgeois, Balasubramanian D, Sathish M, Maheswaran T, Sandeep Tandekar, Sravanthi M


Management and publication of an integrative and comprehensive scheme for meta-omics data of collection objects (MOD-CO)
Pelin Yilmaz, Anton Link, Tanja Weibulat, Frank Oliver Glöckner, Dagmar Triebel, Gerhard Rambold
A reference taxonomy for phylogenetic data aggregation
Jonathan A Rees
Linking external SQL databases and the Semantic Web: A Pipeline for dynamic web publication with stable URI identifiers for database structural information and content schemes
Dagmar Triebel, Anton Link, Gregor Hagedorn, Andreas Plank, Markus Weiss, David Fichtmueller, Tanja Weibulat, Gerhard Rambold
The Plinian Core standard and its implementation in Spain's Official Repository of Biodiversity Information
Francisco Pando, Blanca Ruiz, Juan Villares

Lightning Talks

A New Georeferencing Tool
Rukaya Johaadien, Fhatani Ranwashe

Interest Group 05: Paleobiology

Biodiversity Through Deep Time: Data standards and best practices for paleobiology
Denne Reed

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